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The value of custom coining in the mechanical key market is well recognized. If a customer needs more keys (or cylinders), he needs to look no further than the key in his hand to know who to call. The SmartKey™ solution includes "custom coining" of each SmartKey™ Dealer's conversion shells as a standard part of the package. SmartKey™ conversion shells contain a recessed area in each side, one of which is used for a label printed during encoding which identifies the customer, date encoded, ID, etc. The recess on the other side of the shell contains a label which identifies the SmartKey™ Dealer who issues the key. This is a high quality mylar label, black with white text and designed to match the color and finish of the key. When a dealer signs up, SmartKey™ will work with the dealer to design their label. The size of this label is modest so you won't be able to tell the history of your company, but you can very comfortably indicate the name of your company, phone number and a web site (2 or 3 lines typically). From that point on, all conversion shells you purchase will have your "custom coining" label installed at the factory.


Competitive Edge

Differentiation is the key!

Success in business depends on staying ahead of the competition with innovative products, outstanding customer service and competitive pricing. SmartKey™ offers the progressive locksmith the opportunity to offer their customers a new and better way to do electronic access control.  There are a LOT of companies competing for access control jobs and the projects they are selling are very similar.

SmartKey™ will give you a strong differentiator in a crowded market.

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