Read Range

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Placing a prox coil in close proximity to a metal key typically reduces the read range to the point where it has to physically touch the reader, whereas SmartKeys can be read right through the user's hand!

The lack of read range is a common problem whenever a proximity coil and chip are packaged with a metal key. In many cases, range is reduced to the point where the key must literally be “rubbed” against the reader.  In addition, it is often critical how the item is presented to the reader (i.e. which side, orientation, etc.) making it frustrating for users who don’t care about the technology and just want to get through the door.

SmartKey™ has totally overcome this limitation using a combination of innovative techniques. Firstly, the key is designed with an offset allowing generous clearance between the key and coil while still maintaining a slim overall profile.  In addition, a high performance coil and optimized transponder firmware further enhance read range. SmartKey’s performance has to be seen to be believed.  Check out the video below to see the 125 kHz SmartKey™ in action.

Read Range - 125 kHz

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